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tv   [untitled]    January 19, 2014 12:30pm-1:01pm PST

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and business services committee december 11th? >> commissioner wynns? >> yeah, i leave this to you commissioner wynns? >> okay. sorry. it was a while ago. >> december 11th, after school. >> did we actually have that meeting? >> i think that we did, ways not there though. >> i am sorry, i can't. >> that is all right. >> pull that, actually. >> so how about a report from the committee of the whole january 7, 2014. which was last week, you think that i would remember that? i do and i already commentsed on that, that is right. and so, item t. report of the closed actions.
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>> sorry, president fewer, under board members reports, i just wanted to i didn't have an opportunity to give any remarks at the beginning, my colleagues for supporting me, you know, in the leadership position and i wanted to acknowledge and i think that it is appropriate to acknowledge the outgoing president, norton for the leadership this past year, and for vice president's leadership and the two of them and i have to confess that i gave the leadership a hard time about the five additional retreat meetings that we had, to build the relationships among the board members. but i will be the first to say that it has been very valuable to the board. and in terms of building the relationships and trust. and i want to thank, in particular, president norton, for her service and to recognize incoming president,
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fewer for her leadership. >> item t, report of closed session actions, closed section january 7, 2014, the board of education approved the expulsion of one high school student. >> excuse me. >> oh,, i thought that it was uppeder the other information items? no no. okay. >> our reports so sorry. information maufas. >> i will certainly defer to after you finish reading. >> i will call on you right after the finish that. es and the san francisco unified school district, case, 2013120004, the board of education by a vote of 8 alicia wintersteins and one absent wynns, gives the authority of the district to pay up to a stipulate you lated amount in the matter of eh verses san
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francisco school district, case, 2013120112, the board of education by a vote of 6 ayes and one absent wynns give the authorities to pay up to a stipulated amount. now commissioner maufas, i believes that a report. >> yes. i am sorry, i just wanted to report that i attended the five key's winter graduation and it was just again wonderful. and it again, is just so hard warm and fulfilling for me as a school board member and just to let them know that they all have, and you all have care so much about the five keys and the work that they do there and the students graduating. and just the students stories throughout the ceremony, are truly wonderful to hear them tell their own story and speak their own truth during their graduation and how they got to that moment, and which families are so grateful to have happen. and you can just see that and hear that in the voice and in the cheers of their graduates.
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and so i just wanted to congratulate the graduate and congratulate you, and the executive director steve good and all of the command staff and teachers and family that support those graduates in getting to that wonderful day. thank you. >> thank you. commissioner maufas, that is always a wonderful event to attend, item u, information items posted agenda. posted is the staff report on the acceptance of gift from the month of november, 2013. the meeting is adjourned. at 62
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together we can support your children. it's been my dream to start is a valley school since i was a little girl. i'm having a lot of fun with it (clapping) the biggest thing we really want the kids to have fun. a lot of times parents say that
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valley schools have a lot of problems but we want them to follow directions but we want them to have a wonderful time and be an affordable time so the kids will go to school here. we hold the classes to no longer 12 and there's 23 teachers. i go around and i watch each class and there's certain children i watched from babies and it's exciting to see them after today. the children learn how to follow directions and it ends up helping them in their regular
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schooling. they get self-confidents and today, we had a residual and a lot of time go on stage and i hope they get the bug and want to dance for the rest of their .
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good morning, everyone. please note the earlier starter time it 11:00 a.m. i'm going to call this meeting of the san francisco


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